BE WP Pro Grid

BE WP Pro Grid is a WordPress plugin, intended to display tables in your web projects. It has a feature of data sorting and filtering in the table. The plugin is written using JavaScript and PHP. There is no need of special programming knowledge for using the plugin. BE WP Pro Grid plugin allows to get data for drawing tables from the admin panel. Using the possibilities of the admin panel, you can fill the columns' headers, types of the filter's entry fields and tables.
BE WP Pro Grid plugin gives an opportunity to enter several types of data in entry fields: text characters, numbers, dates. It's also possible to do filtering by selecting a range of numbers or dates, or by choosing any option from datalist. Depending on what fields you want to have for filter, you can give input types as you want, regardless of the amount and position. You can sort your table in ascending and descending order simply clicking on the appropriate column's header: The BE WP Pro Grid plugin has a feature of real-time data filtering. Filtering allows to filter data by input type: search, date, number, date range, number range and datalist.
The BE WP Pro Grid plugin has a feature of pagination. Client can specify the number of rows to show per page. Pagination also works during filtering and sorting. The plugin allows to go through links by clicking on the rows /if that rows have links/ or on separate cells. The plugin also allows you to post pictures in separate cells.




Installation and Activation

First thing you need to do is go to your WordPress admin area and click on Plugins » Add New. After that, click on the Upload Plugin button on top of the page.

This will bring you to the plugin upload page. Here you need to click on the Choose file button and select the plugin file you downloaded earlier to your computer.

After you have selected the file, you need to click on the install now button.

WordPress will now upload the plugin file from your computer and install it for you. You will see a success message like this after installation is finished.

Once installed, you need to click on the Activate Plugin link to start using the plugin.

Source modification

Click on the Edit link to do modification into plugin source files.


Click on the Deactivate link to deactive the plugin. Note: all data related to plugin will be removed from database.

Remove Plugin

If you want to remove the plugin, first you need to deactivate it. Then, click on the Delete link to remove it.

About Plugin

On the right side of the plugin is the information about plugin: author, version, link either to author's or company's email address, or company's webpage. Also it can be the link of a webpage, from where it's possible to buy or download.


Admin Menu

After the activation of the plugin, the plugin's menu link appears in the admin panel of WordPress. The plugin activates with default values which is possible to change from the admin page.

For drawing the table you need to fill at least one title (header), filter type (by default text type is selected) and one data to add other entry fields


You need to use the shortcode of the plugin in square brackets, if you want to see the plugin on your page. [be_wp_pro_grid_shortcode id = "your shortcode id"]

Plugin Settings

Click on the Admin Page link in WordPress Admin Panel, to go to the admin area of the plugin.
After the activation, the plugin gets default values. You can edit, add or delete data from the Admin Panel.

Click on Add header button to add a new row with column title and fields for filling data of the appropriate columns.

Pointing the corresponding title's field, all data related to that title will be highlighted, to be more visible.

Data given below, allows to fill characters corresponding to the type, which is selected in the type field of the appropriate header. For example:

Clicking on the Add new row button will be added a new row with entry fields, to add data for the table. It includes the data of the previous row, which you can edit.

Clicking on the Remove button you will delete the appropriate title with the data of the table's appropriate column.

Clicking on the - button you will delete the appropriate row entirely.

Clicking on the Save button, all filled data will be saved and will be displayed in the table, also in the place where the plugin's shortcode call is done.

You need to go to post edit or page edit to call the plugin, where you need to put the plugin's shortcode and the table's shortcode id which you want to see. Then clicking on Update, we will see our table on the page.

We can have the same table several times on the page, as well as we can have different tables with different data. For that you need to give the table's ID as a shortcode id.

Shortcode id can contain only letters and digits.

Click on the Add new grid button to add a new table.

Click on the Delete grid button to delete the table. After deleting a table all tables will be reindexed.

Delete grid button is hidden, when there is one table in the plugin. All delete buttons are hidden, when the number of titles and rows in the table is one.

The number of rows per page is specified through Table row count.In case of empty or 0 values, pagination won't appear. Pagination also works during filtering and sorting.

Clicking on Add/remove link in rows button, next to each row will appear a field for inserting a link. If you don't want to add link to all rows, you can leave empty the link fields of specified rows.

NOTE: For removing all existing links from the whole table, click on the Add/remove link in rows button and the column of links will be removed.

Cells also can have links. In this case you need to write the following in the cell:

<a href = https://www.google.com>Some text</a>

NOTE: If you want to show the title, write the following: <a href = https://www.google.com title =www.google.com >Some text</a> or <a href = https://www.google.com data =www.google.com >Some text</a>

You can also have images in the table. Choose image type from the list of filter type. Choosing that typ, write the complete references of the image:

/wp-content/plugins/be_wp_pro_grid/images/smiley-face.jpg NOTE: filtration and sorting don't work for the concrete column which type is selected as an image .