BE Metro Button Plugin combines several buttons together. It has maximum 4 buttons: one big and 3 small buttons.
The big one is mandatory, the other 3 are optional. You can customize these buttons using various configuration options.

There is a list of parameters to manage the plugin, through which it will get visual and functional properties.

The call of Be_Combo_Tree plugin is made in the following way:

$(document).ready(function() {
params = {
'width': '100',
'height': '100',
'background': 'rgb(116, 119, 121)',
'icon': 'be-logo.png',
'text': 'BrickEvo',
'textColor': 'black',
'fontSize': '12',
'fontFamily': 'Times New Roman',
'shiftpercent': '100'
'name': 'top',
'background': 'rgb(209, 195, 195)',
'text': 'T',
'icon': ''
'name': 'middle',
'background': 'rgb(209, 195, 195)',
'text': 'M',
'icon': ''
'name': 'bottom',
'background': 'rgb(209, 195, 195)',
'text': 'B'
'icon': ''

$('.content').BEbutton(params);(params - the main object)

      mainButton:here we transmit parameters to the main button.
    • width:Main button width.
    • heightMain button height.
    • background:Color of the main button.
    • icon:Source path of the image on the button.
    • text:Text on the button.
    • textColor:Color of the text.
    • fontSize :Size of the text.
    • fontFamily :Font of the text.
    • shiftpercent :Distance of the small buttons from the main in percentage.

      topButton, middleButton, bottomButton
    • name:Name of the small button
    • background :Color of the small button
    • icon:Source path of the image on the small button
    • text:Text on the small button